I help you take control of your time, money and independence

I help creative business owners increase their productivity and drive growth through client retention and referrals.

If you are employed and considering a leap forward, or self-employed and want to take your business to the next level, then I am here to show you how.
Changing direction doesn't need to be a leap of faith. This is about giving you a clear path, with a solid step by step plan to follow.
It’s time to take action and change your life.


If you feel overworked, that your time is not your own, or you’re stuck in a rut where you exchange time for money, I hear you. Been there, done that, launched a new business. Let's chat.


The "Yes AND…" Mindset

I started my career in the theatre. A core principle of improvisation comedy is known as “Yes AND…” – it naturally fosters creativity instead of judgement.
No prohibits, yes explores.
Are you ready to say "Yes AND..."?



Creative professionals who lack clarity, confidence and a clear way forward.


Don't just take my word for it

Scatter-brained and lacking focus are definitely two ways I would have used to describe myself. Since starting to work with Natalie she has helped me to understand that there is no such thing as a bad idea, but also that some ideas deserve more focus than others.
She has helped to bring clarity and focus to my professional life. Without a doubt I would not be pursuing my current career path if I had not started working with her.
This was my first time working with a business coach, I wasn’t sure if it was for me, or even if it was a real thing but it has exceeded all my expectations of what it could deliver. I’m looking forward to many productive years working with The Orange Side and Natalie.

Alan Bates

Head Chef & Restaurateur
I came to Natalie overwhelmed, overworked and I didn't feel in control. She has transformed that state of mind. Working with Natalie has enabled me to be a lot clearer about my own capacity and set very clear goals to manage my workload. I feel much more in control and am able to set healthy boundaries, value myself and manage my time better. She is very warm and open, and we also have a giggle in our sessions! She's the best coach I've ever worked with and I'm sure she can help you too.

Anna Ceesay

Founder, Motherdom Magazine

Louise Wilmarsdotter Björk

Founder Peaks and Valleys
As a start-up business having a coach to talk with regularly has been like wind in the sails and helping me to process everyday challenges. Natalie was invaluable for strategising business development and instrumental in my own leadership development Natalie is a knowledgeable, confident coach with a sense of gravitas that I enjoy working with. She is a professional with a firm grip of the ego and is an expert in the field. I highly recommend Natalie for anyone who wishes to move forward in their career and in growing more joy and understanding in themselves. Great hands-on process and knowhow.